Issue No. 5 on David Hockney


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Middle Plane Issue No. 5 is a dedication to David Hockney, the prolific British artist whose work spans eight decades.

The issue reads a visual interpretation of Hockney’s artistic practice and personal image, made up of photo series and new works by different creatives.

Known for his bold use of colour and embrace of innovation and modernity, our collaborators have also explored themes such as male form and sexuality, domestic spaces, swimming pools, flowers, and Bradford.

Contributors include: Anthony Turner, Bottega Veneta by Blommers & Schumm, Bruno Wollheim, Ilya Lipkin, archival Martin Parr, Paul Elliman, Roe Ethridge, Sam Rock and Will Scarborough.

232 pp, 240 × 315 mm, softcover, 2022

Issue No. 4 on Christo and Jeanne-Claude


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Middle Plane Issue No. 4 is a collaboration between Middle Plane and the estate of the artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude, in celebration of their lasting legacy and impact on the creative landscape.

The issue reads as a posthumous visual interview made up of photo series and works by different creatives in response to Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s artistry. Techniques such as wrapping, draping, color blocking, and experimentation with scale are employed by our contributing artists.

Contributors: Duane Michals, Camille Waddington, Takashi Homma, Wolfgang Volz, Jack DayYohji Yamamoto by William Waterworth and Hannes Hetta, Ilya Lipkin, Chanel beauty story by Thom Walker, Suffo Moncloa, Kenzo by Jet Swan and Agata Belcen, Nigel Shafran and more.

This issue also features contributions from several international galleries including Maureen Paley, Michael Werner Gallery and Sadie Coles.

+ An exclusive Poster of Christo’s Wedding Dress (1967). 

*Limited number of copies available*

276 pp, 240 × 315 mm, softcover GRA board, 2021

Issue No. 3 by Maggi Hambling


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Maggi’s Mag is a collaboration between Middle Plane magazine and British artist Maggi Hambling creating a dialogue between art and fashion. The issue reads as a visual interview made up of photo series presented in a non-linear format that sheds light on the artist in varied ways – at times intimidating and confrontational, at others generous and humorous. From drawing on her vices and behaviors to exploring the unusual juxtaposition of fashion and art, the editorials include a series of intimate photographs of Hambling, cinematic stills Inspired by her love of the sea, a series that draws on her penchant for meringues, and a study on form inspired by Maggi’s life drawings.   


Contributors: Juergen Teller, Sam Rock, Isabelle Wenzel, Paul KooikerKatie Burnett, James Cahill, Marlborough Gallery and more.

176pp, 240 × 315 mm, softcover, 2020

Issue No. 2 on Felix Gonzalez-Torres


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We are proud to present new fashion editorials as a response to the work of artist Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

The issue is comprised of four separate and bound editorials and The Silver Post newspaper, which can be found enclosed in an envelope. Each editorial responds to a specific artwork or body of work by Gonzalez-Torres, addressing manifold topics such as capitalism and democracy, isolation and togetherness, loss and renewal, and the celebration of life in response to difficult realities.

While Gonzalez-Torres referred to himself as American, he was born in Guaimaro, Cuba, in 1957 and raised in Puerto Rico. He moved to New York in 1979 and died of AIDS-related causes in 1996. Felix Gonzalez-Torres employed simple, everyday materials and a reduced aesthetic vocabulary reminiscent of both Minimalism and Conceptual Art to address themes such as love and loss, sickness and rejuvenation, gender and sexuality.

Contributors : Charlie EngmanBenjamin Lennox, Adrian Samson, Jenna Westra, Alexis Roche, Pat Boguslawski, Lyson Marchessault and more.

293 × 373 mm, brown cardboard envelope with self adhesive closure, white silkscreen, 2020

Issue No. 1 by Vadim Zakharov


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Middle Plane Issue No. 1 was conceived with a single idea: to create a dialogue between the conceptual artist Vadim Zakharov and the fashion world. There are no off-bounds topics. Vadim Zakharov is an artist who expands his media across all fields from painting, drawing and photography to video, performance and installation, making a printed issue was both a challenge and a game. Curated by Chiara Valci Mazzara and Gabriela A. Covblic / fontaine b.

Contributors: Mark Peckmezian, Charlie Engman, Peter PuklusUdo Kittelmann, Tim Gutt, David Elliot.

208 pp, 220 × 280 mm, softcover, 2019

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Issue No. 0


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Middle Plane Issue No. 0 is preoccupied with process. Here we present a preparation – a work-in-progress so that we might open a frank dialogue with the reader with a new level of transparency. It represents a movement, where the lines between ego, megalomania and delusion break down. It is for you to fill in the missing gaps. This is an object that is not complete.

Contributors: Paul Kooiker, Hugo Comte, A.I.R Gallery, Betye Saar, Nicolai Howalt, Xavier Mas.

292 pp, 200 × 270 mm, softcover, 2018

The Bundle


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Middle Plane is proud to present a special edition bundle for an exclusive price. The pack includes the first six issues of the magazine:

Middle Plane Issue No. 0, on process. Contributors: Paul Kooiker, Hugo Comte, A.I.R Gallery, Betye Saar, Nicolai Howalt, Xavier Mas. 292 pp, 270 × 200 mm, softcover, 2018.

Middle Plane Issue No. 1, on Vadim Zakharov. Contributors: Mark Peckmezian, Charlie Engman, Peter PuklusUdo Kittelmann, Tim Gutt, David Elliot. 208 pp, 220 × 280 cm, softcover, 2019.

Middle Plane Issue No. 2, on Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Contributors: Charlie EngmanBenjamin Lennox, Adrian Samson, Jenna Westra, Alexis Roche, Pat Boguslawski, Lyson Marchessault and more. Brown cardboard envelope with self adhesive closure, white silkscreen, 293 × 373 mm, 2020.

Middle Plane Issue No. 3, on Maggi Hambling. Contributors: Juergen Teller, Sam Rock, Isabelle Wenzel, Paul KooikerKatie Burnett, James Cahill, Marlborough Gallery and more. 176 pp, 240 × 315 mm, softcover, 2020.

Middle Plane Issue No. 4, on Christo & Jeanne-Claude. Contributors: Duane Michals, Camille Waddington, Takashi Homma, Wolfgang Volz, Jack DayYohji Yamamoto by William Waterworth and Hannes Hetta, Ilya Lipkin, Chanel beauty story by Thom Walker, Suffo Moncloa, Kenzo by Jet Swan and Agata Belcen, Nigel Shafran and more. 276 pp, 240 × 315 mm, softcover GRA board, 2021.   

Middle Plane Issue No. 5, on David Hockney. Contributors: Anthony Turner, Bottega Veneta by Blommers & Schumm, Bruno Wollheim, Ilya Lipkin, archival Martin Parr, Paul Elliman, Roe Ethridge, Sam Rock and Will Scarborough. 232 pp, 240 × 315 mm, softcover, 2022.